Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2014 Wreath Party

Last year I threw a wreath making party. A great time was had by all and we decided to make it an annual event. I gather natural materials from the property (boughs, pine cones, that weird garland like stuff that grows on the ground, and anything else that catches my fancy), and the guests bring their own forms, wire, and purchased decorations. 

Materials: pine cones, garland, and tools
Gathered pine and hemlock boughs
It's loads of fun and we do a lot of eating, drinking, joking around, and of course - we build wreaths. 

It didn't explode!
Careful selection of materials
Improvised wreath form - extra electrical wire

"I have a vision"

Vision realized!
It's going to be a kissing ball...
Unfortunately, I am not a good wreath maker.
Attempting to add embellishments 
So sad.
We decided to do a wish ball this year. Chris took bittersweet (seemed appropriate), decorated it with a bit of fresh pine for crackle, and we all tied on our wishes. Then we burned it to send the wishes out into the universe (roll with it, we were having fun).
Wish ball
Apparently it worked because I was able to improve my wreath. I added additional branches to make it more full and round. I tucked in some corn tassels and repositioned the pine cone cluster.

I also added some bittersweet berries so I had some red to pop against the green. The bird's nest was a lucky find in one of the boughs that I had gathered (didn't even know it was there until I'd cut the branch down). It's a fantastic creation of pine needles and birch bark.

Love the wee bird nest
I think it came out much better.
Merry Christmas!

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