Monday, November 3, 2014

Storage under the bed

I've been looking at bed frames that have storage underneath them. Since we have neither an attic nor a basement, places to store stuff need to be creative and created. IKEA has some nifty examples but I was hesitant to spend the money - especially as Chris could build us whatever we needed. But building stuff takes time and materials and he is short on both (the darn lumber won't be dry until next summer and he has many other projects that have a higher priority).

Family to the rescue! We were offered a storage bed frame to a waterbed that was no longer wanted. Woot! I, of course, had to make it more my own - so I sanded it down and painted it dark purple.

Sanded and waiting for paint 
The drawers had finger slots instead of knobs. I definitely wanted to change that and found some incredibly ugly drawer pulls that we got in an auction odd-lot box of hardware.
Ugly knobs
A bit of bright red spray paint solved that problem.

Much better
In process
Almost done with painting
I was comfortable painting it such a crazy color partly because so little of the frame would actually show. After you put on the mattress and bedding only a bit of the wood is actually visible. But I know it's there and it makes me smile every time I go into the drawers.
Assembling the frame system (and someday the floor will be done too)
I want the upstairs of the house to have a creative, fun vibe. It's where we do art, play music, and watch movies. It's brighter and more eclectic than the downstairs so I've picked a coordinating color scheme based on a quilt my sister made (hmmm, have to do a post on that). The quilt is an amazing mix of red, purple, yellow, and green. So far I've got the stained purple closet and the painted dark purple bed. I'll start mixing in the other colors as the rooms develop. The walls are neutral so all this color comes from accessories and furniture - fun to play with and easy to change.

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