Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And the closet is (mostly) done!

The main clothes closet is finally full of clothes! Which means I've emptied out many, many boxes. Woot!

Getting toward being done
It took quite a while but it's definitely been worth it. We carefully figured out what storage we needed, designed the closet, and took our sweet time building it.

Staining drawers on the Bridge
 Once we got the drawers stained and in place, I started emptying boxes.
So many boxes!
And started filling the closet rods and drawers. Seasonal storage on the top shelf, two bays for my clothes, one for Chris, and the last is shared.
So much room!
The drawer handles came out great and work very well. We'll wait until winter to build the cabinet doors since there is no sense wasting outside job friendly weather on an inside task.

Handles came out great
And I managed to empty an amazing number of boxes. Some contents went into the closet, some were donated, and others were set aside for nieces who are just starting their professional lives.
All of this is now clear floor space
It feels wonderful to finally have this done. It was a true gateway project as it freed up storage space that allowed us to clear other areas of the house of boxes. Including the @^$#^& porch! But more on that later...

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