Thursday, June 27, 2013

Traveling - DC

Attended a wedding in DC and decided to head down the week before so we could do the tourist bit. Didn't want to pay DC hotel prices for the entire week (definitely stayed in the wedding hotel for the weekend though) so we got a campsite at Greenbelt State Park. Only a few miles from the metro so we could ride into the city each day. Love the metro!

The only time we saw sunshine
It rained every single night (and most days). The tent leaked. There was a tornado. We still had fun.

We saw weird art:

Oddly, this wasn't a Far Side model
 We saw installation art designed to make a point:

The National Mall - was that trash?
No. It was bones.
Over three weekends, volunteers laid out "bones" representing the people killed through genocide. Unfortunately the volunteers cleaning up weren't able to specify which genocide it represented. And how incredibly sad that there are so many to pick from that we didn't immediately just know.

We saw great woodworking:

In the West Wing of National Gallery
 We saw really big doors:

Do they even open???
And we saw family, had beer, and ate really good food.

Beer flight!
 We also got an idea or two for some art at home:

Get the welder out Honey!
Had a good time and enjoyed seeing Chris's family.

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