Friday, June 21, 2013

And we're back!

We've been MIA for a little while and although I swore I wouldn't apologize every time I disappear for a bit, I do think an explanation is warranted this time.

This is why I've been remiss in my blogging:

The culprit
We began trying to get satellite internet in early April. The less-than-competent installer who came out used his broken compass to approximate the satellite location and identified the many trees that needed to be cut in order to get a view of the southern sky.

Now, we knew we'd have to cut trees. We purposely selected an antennae site that would track over the  future garden so that the trees would not come down in vain. 

This is the future site after much clearing though with much more clearing needed. In process so to speak. Note Chris there to the right - those are very tall trees.

Still more trees need to come down
We took down the indicated trees and asked the installer to come out again to do a final check as we didn't want to take down more than required. He finally showed up and indicated that we cut the wrong trees (?!?) and we needed to go much further to the right. Huh?

Time is passing because we have to call LA in order to schedule each visit - and sometimes he just doesn't show. Can you tell I'm annoyed by all this?

Getting there...
We clear a bunch more trees. And call again. And thanks be, we get a different installer. Who uses his handy-dandy iPhone ap to find the satellite and says "you didn't have to go all the way over there - the link is just past that group of trees on the left." The left!!!

15 years of clear sight to satellite
So, despite a bit of bitterness (ahem), we now have internet and I can begin to post in the lighthearted and slightly informative manner that you've all come to expect. Rant over.

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