Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pantry lights

Last summer I was trolling the internet and found a ceiling light at IKEA that I just loved. Loved enough that I altered the lighting plan for the pantry by taking out the center ceiling fixture and changing the layout to accommodate two pendant type lights instead. In my imagination, they looked great and would provide nice ambient illumination for that room. As a reminder, the pantry is 12 x 14 and will act as storage, office, and craft/sewing room. Lot going on that room.

Roll forward six months and it's time to actually make an IKEA run (it's 2.5 hours away so you tend to plan a whole trip for it) and buy my lights! Except when we get down there, I hate them. They are too big. Too clumsy. Too darn wrong. Argh.

Now what?

Fortunately IKEA has a pretty darn good lighting selection and I found these that I liked just as much as the ones in my imagination.
Isn't that sweet?
Chris did the actual installation and they went up fairly quickly. Not a huge fan of IKEA instruction sheets - sometimes they assume a bit too much - but the lights went up just fine. (Still have a hot mess in the pantry with all the packing boxes).

Fine tuning the install
The only issue we had was with the drywall cutout for the fixture. It was a wee bit too wide and showed a gap on the second light.

Can you see the drywall gap on the far light?
So we had to take down the light, patch the drywall, touchup the paint, and then reinstall the light. DIY never goes quite as quickly as you think it will.

Now the lights are up and I can unpack at night! Hmmm, not sure that's really an improvement.

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  1. you are so right - the light makes the room!!!! And you are so right on the fact that you must like the light you live with - let me explain -

    I bought a Crystorama Chandelier for our closet room - it lends a certain ambiance - and each time I flick on the light, i have to exclaim out loud to no one - "gosh I love this light..."