Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Once we got the woodstove in place we needed to install the chimney. We're running stovepipe to the first floor ceiling and then enclosing the chimney pipe in a run through the second floor and out the roof. We wanted everything in place so that we could make sure we didn't accidentally get interference from the trusses.

The exposed stove pipe is double-walled, close clearance pipe and will be visible. We used Selkirk pipe and it was a joy to work with. Clear instructions and nice heavy materials. Woodstock Soapstone sold us the pipe with the stove and they worked out exactly how many sections and which types we'd need. They also supplied the fire stops, insulation shields, and exterior flashing and support. A complete package. My Dad opted to buy a chimney kit for his place and that worked just fine for him also. We probably had to do a bit more puzzle piecing than he did though, so maybe the kit is better if you have standard distances. 

Black stove pipe
We'd carefully measured before putting up the interior walls to make sure we'd have appropriate clearance.  Now we had to cut through the subfloor upstairs to allow the chimney chase through.
Cutting the chimney chase
 The reciprocating saw made short work of this.

We fit the sections through the appropriate joist blocks and made sure we had a minimum of 2" clearance to combustibles. Then we marked the top sill for the pipe exit. When they install the trusses they'll  make sure they leave room for the chimney exit.
Bottom section in, marking the next
 One step closer to having a fire!

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