Sunday, July 19, 2020

The upstairs railing

We installed a temporary safety railing between what was originally the loft room and stairwell when we first built the house. It stayed that way for a few years until we installed the hardwood flooring at which point we took it down and, um, never bothered to put it back up. Ahem. Please note we don’t have kids! And despite my SIL’s fears, we never wandered off to fall to our deaths during the night.

Anyway. It was finally time to install a permanent railing. Just as with the bottom stairwell wall we used a mix of woods and painted goat panels. Cherry for the end posts with a satin poly finish; semi-solid black stain on the two pine posts and the ash framing; burned ash for the cap (literally burned-we used a propane torch on it). All of the wood came from the original logging of the property. So cool.
Cherry with black resin filled stress lines

Framing installed


It’s hard to see the ash cap. It’s got a live edge and looks great in person. I’ll try for a better photo.

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