Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Adding a drip system

Next up for greenhouse improvements was a drip water system. Chris had already relocated the rain barrel so now we needed a way to get the water inside to the plants. We bought an inexpensive drip irrigation system off Amazon and set it up today.

We ran the line from the water barrel through the wall, and then along the South wall. From that main line you run T-junctions and connect short runs to drip nozzles right beside the plants. It was fairly quick and quite easy to set up. 

Why yes, I am squatting in the pepper bed. Why do you ask?
Lines running to the bed 
Red caps are the drip nozzles  
You screw them loose/tight to regulate flow
This is the first time I’ve used anything like this so I’m not sure how long to leave the water on. I’ll just have to keep on eye on the moisture level and plant color with adjustments as needed.

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