Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Greenhouse

Last fall Chris finished the greenhouse just in time to plant some greens and see just how much it would extend the growing season. I’m happy to say that we had fresh kale, arugula, and parsley all the way through Thanksgiving. Then it got bitter cold and everything went dormant.

Now that spring is here the beds are warming up in there and I’m starting to get some sprouts. I went ahead a re-seeded the lettuce bed but the arugula and kale beds look like they’ll come back with no extra seeding.

Here are some shots of the greenhouse...I don’t think I ever posted any.

It’s a pit greenhouse so much of it is below grade. The walls are field stone scavenged from the old camp foundation.
The north side
The green glass is old metal reinforced safety glass from the mill where I worked. They were replacing it and offered it to me. I enthusiastically said “yes, please!”.

Repositioned rain barrel 
The rain barrel used to be on the garden shed but I didn’t have enough drop to get decent water pressure. So we moved it here. I’ll be able to hook up a drip irrigation system straight from here into the greenhouse beds.
The south side
The left window broke in the wind storm yesterday. Chris stapled up a bag until he could make a replacement. I love that he found a clear feed sack.
Looking out toward the East
Kale, arugula, and lettuce beds
A table for relaxing 
Starting seeds
 From south to north: garden, greenhouse, chicken coop and pasture.

I can’t wait for everything to be green and growing. 

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