Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This week's recipe (actually the last three weeks): Spiced Almonds; Stuffed French Toast; Corn Muffins

All of these recipes come from the Cook's Country Cookbook. As much as I like Cook's Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen, I find the recipes there can be overly complex sometimes. Actually, no, I find the food overly complex. There's a lot to be said for good old-fashioned food and that's what you get in Cook's Country. 

The first recipe was for Spiced Almonds (page 3) and wow! were they excellent. A much easier technique than the sugared almonds I've made in the past (the ones where you boil sugar, water, and spices then add the nuts and cook until the liquid evaporates) and the nuts have stayed fresh much longer.

They "sing" as they cool
It made 2 pounds of spiced nuts and we're almost through them already (please note that we have given some of them away for taste-testing). They've lasted over a week so far and they're still crunchy and wonderful.
Huge Ball jar full of yumminess
The next recipe was for Stuffed French Toast. You season cream cheese with sugar and cinnamon, spread it on some bread, make a sandwich, dip it in light batter, and pan fry as usual. Good flavor and I loved how crisp the batter made the toast (as opposed to the normal sogginess that is French Toast). In fact, I'll use that batter from now on (one egg, half cup of flour, one cup of cold water, 1 tsp vanilla), but I won't bother with the stuffing.  Simply too rich.

Finally, I made their Corn Muffins (page 184). I haven't had a lot of luck with corn muffins; they always seem to come out so heavy. But these! oh my stars. Perfect. Not light exactly - after all, they are corn muffins - but definitely not dense. And a nice bit of sweetness to them.
Perfect texture, flavor, and craggy appearance
So far this whole New Year's Resolution thing is going well. I'm enjoying my cookbooks and I'm loving the cooking.

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