Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just stuff

Got some more done on the chicken coop this week. Paint, window hardware, caulking, hardware cloth, systems for keeping the windows open (ropes, wood constructs, whatever worked). Still need to lay down the laminate floor and do the decorating, but it'll be ready for chickens soon. Woot!

Chris has been working on his bass case in between doing landscaping stuff. We're leveling the future garden site by removing earth berms and moving the dirt to low areas around the yard. We've also got piled up soil down by the road that we're relocating. The fun part is finding bottles, broken pottery, and metal tools in the dirt. Most of the stuff is broken but occasionally we find whole pieces - bottles marked as tuberculosis cures, liniments, and mineral oils are the most common. Great shapes and interesting colors (mainly clear but some blues and browns). Not sure what I'll do with all of them yet, but I'm thinking a display on the porch would be fun.

Temperatures have been cooler than typical and we've been so dry that the soil was just powder. Not now! A week of rain has everything looking green and fresh. The trees have popped and my perennial plants are starting to poke out of the ground.

I've been really working on kitchen design ideas. Chris will be tackling the cabinetry soon and I wanted to have firm answers when he asked me what I wanted. It'll be mainly drawers with just a few cupboard sections. Can't wait to unpack all my boxes!

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