Friday, June 26, 2015

The porch bed

One of the things I very fondly remember from my childhood is spending the night out on the sleeping porch. So I really wanted a comfy spot on the porch for napping the day away. We got a bunch of pallets, a futon mattress, and set up a spot. It was wonderful! 

Looking for that darn chipmunk
Except the pallets sat directly on the porch slab and leaves would accumulate underneath. And then one day a chipmunk went under there and I realized we were going to have vermin trouble before too much longer.

Accumulated ick
So we figured out the height we wanted and cut some old landscape timbers into legs. They're stacked high enough that even the dog can get under the bed (ha! take that chippy) and it's easy to blow out any leaves that get under there.

Stacked timbers for legs are a nice design
We also cut down the pallets that form the back rest so they're not quite so looming. I still need to sew up some pillow covers and we'll probably put a shelf on the back rest, but it's so much better already! And it's perfect for napping.

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