Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Goal List - because I just can't resist

I know I said we'd only do the first quarter, but let's see what's ahead of us in 2015.
  1. The Pantry - otherwise known as "my room". Lots to do in there and fortunately we've already gotten started: clean out room, build loft bed, stain window trim, trim windows and walls, build and install cookbook shelf, refinish armoire, paint dresser, cut in wall paint, put door on freezer closet, finish door trim (2 openings), build desk, paint file cabinets, build work island. Painting of furniture is actually more a "craft" than a "to-do" since it's optional and fun.
  2. Install a tin roof on the equipment area
  3. Trim out the interior of the house (not sure if we'll do the entire house at once or go room to room). That darn wood has to be dry at some point.
  4. Replace construction stairs with permanent treads and landing
  5. Replace construction railings with permanent ones.
  6. Build Chris's workshop!
  7. Build storage on the front porch
  8. Get the Bridge done? Maybe.
  9. Work on installing the garden beds and east-end stone patio
  10. Install permanent kitchen sink
  11. Upstairs closet doors - build and install
  12. Pretty up the porch - rebuild the pallet day bed, put some pillows and cushions out there, and generally make it more pleasing to the eye.
Nice-to-do includes: finishing the mudroom (making it pretty as well as functional), cosmetic fixes (ceiling heat grates, repair ceiling where scraped, hanging art, etc), work on the trail system, design the kitchen cabinetry, and reorganize the garage if the shop gets built. Of course the year will be full of the usual things as well - road and yard maintenance, cutting and splitting firewood, equipment maintenance, agility training, travel and visiting with friends/family, and all the other stuff that fills our days. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Wow - you have a busy year ahead of you!! Your home seems to be coming along so nicely!! :) Happy New Year.