Saturday, July 14, 2012

The old barn foundation

For those wondering what the "old barn foundation" looked like - that's it behind me. It looked much like a rock wall except rectangular and really deep at parts. Hard to tell in the photo, but one section of the foundation top was at ground level, while another three-sided section had a three foot drop-off. The best description is in a modern barn where you have a low section that you pull the tractor or wagon into and it backs up against the floor of the barn for easy loading and unloading. Gee, that'd be a loading dock or bay, wouldn't it? See this is what happens when you type and think at the same time - you get a big rambling at times. The big rock I'm standing on is in that lower bay area.

We really wanted to get these walls disassembled before bringing in the big excavator because we wanted to sort the rock for future projects. Worked well even if it did take quite a while.

While pulling it apart we found some nifty stuff too - old bottles, metal bits from farm equipment, four scythe blades (four! how many did they need?), and many snakes. Now, I like snakes. Used to have them as pets even. But it's more than a bit startling to lift up a rock and find one under it - and to know that you cannot drop the rock or you'll kill it. No killing of snakes! They eat the #%$!@ mice that keep getting in the camp. So we took the time to keep moving them out of the dig area. And the next day, we'd lift up a rock and YOW! there it would be again. Nothing like a three foot snake to brighten your day.

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