Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Decorating the Nest

I'm not the artistic one in the family. That would be my sister, who is a gifted artist. I do manage to have fun with paints and various crafts though. Decorating the camp has been fun and I've done my best to make it functional as well as cute.

Inside the Nest
The latest decorating scheme revolves around the porch supports on the Nest. We have a bird theme going (okay, that was obvious) and when we put in the support posts Chris cut the tops so that I could eventually paint them to look like bird houses. Well, I finally got one post done. How cute is that???

The side facing the Nest

The front
We cut out some metal roofing to put on the top.

Back post primed and waiting for decoration

Love the shape of the roof

This side isn't as visible - but still cute

Is it artistic or just bad lighting?

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