Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tractor bling

Happy New Year! 

The recent snowfall resulted in the first use of the tractor's snow thrower attachment. Worked great - but - the tractor had no traction. There is a good layer of ice under all that snow and our road is mainly dirt, not gravel, so the tires would lose grip and the whole machine would start to slide sideways. Not exactly conducive to effective snow removal.

Enter the bling!

Tractor bling
 Yes, the tractor is once again on the porch. Okay, technically it's in the carport, but still. Porch.
Laying out the chains
Chris and Dad did most of the work getting them on the tires.

Darn things weighed 50 lbs per chain
 I did my part though. While Chris rolled back and forth I pulled and tightened the chain before securing the link.
I managed to get them to pull together

Action photo!
Huge improvement! So we're now ready for the next snow storm.

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