Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold snap

Apparently the insulating is paying off. When we left yesterday it was 56 degrees inside (fire in wood stove all day) and 19 outside. Dropped to 10 degrees overnight and when we arrived this morning it was still 35 degrees inside. Woot! And today the outside temps stayed around 15 degrees and we easily climbed back up to 58. I'd say it's getting close to time to start staying overnight again.

We got the solar hot water quote back and are moving forward with that. They're coming out Thursday to finalize the system layout and start the NYSERDA paperwork.

And we had the drywall estimator out today to figure out how much drywall we need to buy. Given our new timeframe on closing the Troy house (fingers crossed for early March) we think we're going to hire the first floor installation done instead of tackling it ourselves. We need some semi-finished space for all our worldly possessions. We'll finish the second floor later this Spring and use it for storage until then.

So everything is moving forward at a good pace. Next up is building the stairs and packing the old house. Glad I started packing back in the fall as I made good inroads on the amount left to put in boxes. Still, we've moved enough times to realize that you own way more than you think you do.

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