Sunday, December 30, 2012

More plumbing and some snow

Putting the Pex intake lines throughout the house was fairly straightforward. We minimized elbows and joins to minimize leaks and water pressure drops. And we purchased the Pex Manibloc to act as our starting point. It's basically a fuse box for your water system. The cold and hot source lines haven't been added yet in the photo below, but we got those installed yesterday. Other highlights were hammering in the strike plates, stapling up the proper vents, planning the shower stall design, outlining the hall closet design, and freezing our patooties off because it was 26 degrees inside. When I poured water to make coffee, the water instantly froze to slush (it's so cool when that happens - but frustrating that we had to thaw the water before we could make coffee).

Pex manifold - very cool
We also started running the black pipe for the propane lines. Made a good start and identified some parts that were missing. We'll grab those and head back up Monday to finish the lines.

We had quite a bit of snow too. On top of the 8 inches we'd received last week, we had another 3 by the time we left at 3PM. Looks like this year is going to be quite different from last year's snow accumulation. Last year we never even had to clear the road or use our snowshoes. Gotta start breaking some trails!

Officially starting to look like winter


  1. The house is looking really good! Love the shape of it.

    1. We're wicked pleased with how it's turning out. I'm having a hard time not getting ahead of myself on the decorating plans.