Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Halfway there

We're now halfway across the attic with the insulation. Fortunately the batts are only four feet long so I'm able to do this by myself while Chris works on other projects. Yesterday while I was insulating Chris got out my new range and hooked it up. The propane guys come tomorrow and we need everything connected so they can do the inspection and adjustments. He also got to shovel out the ditch for the propane lines (it had filled with snow) and clean off the generator (snow again). Then he came and helped me, making the install go much faster.

Some minor trouble with the cellphone reception. And this is weird - multiple bars showing but when I tried to make a call, I got an error message saying "emergency calls only". So I've got reception but they're limiting the type of call I can make? Huh. This was a bit of a problem as I'd spoken with our realtor earlier that day and she told me we had an offer on the Troy house. Yes! But now I couldn't call her back to get the final details. Argh! Hopefully this won't be a recurring problem with the cells.

And I called the realtor on the way home - we're signing the contract today. There are some contingencies, but we're still not in any hurry, so we don't mind. At least this is a nice step forward.

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