Monday, January 28, 2013

And on to the next step

We have finished insulating and passed the inspection. On to drywall! And the stairwell! 

For anyone wondering - we are not required to insulate interior walls. We did it for sound control and used inexpensive R11. We also didn't bother to fill every bay so it went up lickety-split. 

Pretty insulation

More pretty insulation
We now have a decision to make. We can install the drywall ourselves (as we originally intended to do) or hire it done . Time versus money, baby! With our old house sold and closing on March 8th we have quite a bit to do to move. It would be wonderful to hire a drywaller to have the entire new house done in two weeks. Two weeks! It'll take us at least a month. Per floor. Even that may be optimistic. Can't make a decision without data, so we'll wait on the quotes and see how that sways us. In the meantime, we're packing boxes in preparation for the move. We can always store everything on the second floor and do one story at a time. Hmmm, not a bad idea...

I finally got hit with a Blogger issue. I've been reasonably lucky - banged into the photo storage thing, but that's been it - up to now. For those folks who posted comments two weeks ago - sorry it took me until today to publish them and reply. I check comments regularly and even have alerts sent to my email so I'll see them. But Blogger didn't alert me until today. Argh!


  1. Two weeks, really? Ours was put up in one day. It was a big crew and they left quite a mess but they were in and out lickity split!

    Just a note: we covered our concrete floors with thick butcher paper and boy were we glad we did.

    1. I took your spitting comment to heart and we've already got kraft paper to put down. This is one guy and a helper so it'll take a bit longer. It goes up pretty quick but cooler temperatures means it'll take longer to dry in between muddings and sandings. Usually a couple days but could be longer if we fail to keep the temperature up.