Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beginning to insulate

So we have permission to insulate anywhere there is no plumbing, venting, etc. Awesome. And our plumbing inspection is this weekend so we'll soon be able to start insulating the ceiling/roof. Since we're the optimist types we went to buy attic insulation today. We first priced it out at Home Depot and then went to a local business that sells drywall. We'd heard through the building grapevine that they also have good prices on insulation. Good? Try great! (oops, Tony the Tiger moment). We'll save roughly $400 on the house insulation by using them.

All we could fit in the truck was 17 batts of R38 attic insulation. That's a lot of insulation! And for some reason, I didn't take a picture. Wop-wop. We're going to look into getting the rest of it delivered, but wanted to get this stuff right away.

Used the tractor to get it from truck to bridge (no pictures of that either, what's up with us???) and will start to install as soon as we can. In the meantime, Chris finished running the black pipe and I installed 19 more batts of R21 in the upstairs walls. Oh, and it was -6 degrees this morning. Managed to get the house heated to 24 before we left, but boy, will we be happy when the insulation is in and we can start maintaining a temperature.

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