Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

Everyone have a good New Year's Eve? Have you spent today resting on the couch, recovering from the prior night's excesses? Yeah, us neither. No, we chose to spend this day plumbing black iron and insulating! Oh yeah, we know how to party.

We did sleep in a wee bit, but since the night before was spent in the "dry" celebration that is Saratoga First Night, we didn't need to sleep off any alcohol. Note that a good time was had by all and we intend to find the Tartan Terrors at the future events. Hilarious.

We got started around 10AM and had to do some chain tightening on the tractor bling. One of the links was rubbing and we think we got that settled out. Then Chris resumed running black pipe (no picture as it just doesn't photograph well) and I started putting up insulation.

We haven't had our plumbing inspection yet so I can't insulate anywhere that has plumbing or vent lines, but that leaves a lot of house to be done. Got started upstairs in the master bedroom and installed one bundle (7 sections) of R21. Code only requires R19 but every little bit helps.

East and South walls
I'm focusing just on full bays to start and will fill in the cut bays the next time around. Makes the work go quickly if you don't have to worry about fitting pieces. 

North and East walls
The neat electrical lines are making this much easier. I confess I actually read the directions on the insulation packaging and managed to learn a thing or two. Hear's hoping the next bundle goes up just as quickly and easily.

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