Thursday, January 10, 2013

Insulation anyone?

We're happily making progress on insulating the house. In fact, we hit 50 degrees inside today! A milestone unreachable in the pre-insulation state.

Reminder - the house outside
 It hasn't been all about insulation though. We also got the propane hooked up!
My poor husband posing for yet another photo
 They pressure tested the lines and I'm happy to report there were no leaks. Yeah Chris! The technician adjusted the burners on my wonderful new stove so that my sauce wouldn't burn (yes, he actually said that. Loved him!).
Isn't it awesome?
And he hooked up the stand-by generator. Did you know a stand-by requires a battery? A battery the size of a car battery? Yeah, neither did we, although once we thought about it, it seemed obvious.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a battery for the generator even though we had the technician there to hook up the propane lines. And he needed to test the thing so we needed to provide a battery.

Batteries are heavy
 So, once again, the tractor came to the rescue. We pulled its battery and used it for the test. Success! The generator fired!

The couple that insulates together...
 So we've successfully insulated the attic and all but five bays of the North wing. We'll finish those tomorrow.
Holding in the heat
Then I get to start on the walls and Chris will do road maintenance. Seems the road is giving fits to some of the delivery folks. The insulation truck got majorly stuck and the propane guy helped him get out. And helped us by trucking two loads of insulation from road to house (we didn't have the truck that day, figures). And today a different propane delivery truck had to back all the way in as he didn't think he could turn around. Funny how some trucks (regardless of size) seem to make it fine, but others have the devil's own time.

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