Sunday, January 6, 2013


We passed our plumbing inspection! Many cartwheels ensued. Actually, we nearly wiped out the inspector when a foot of snow slid off the porch roof. Fortunately he's spry and managed to get out of the way when we heard the rumble. Interesting to note that we were all walking next to each other, heard the beginning of the slide, and all reacted differently. I ran under the porch and got out of the way completely. Chris and Inspector stopped to look up (?!?) and then danced backward. Inspector got coated to the knees; Chris chose to ride it out and snow surfed, getting knocked flat in the process. Fortunately we all had a good laugh about it.

So we're now cleared to insulate. We started immediately and got four bays of attic insulation installed Saturday afternoon. It's going up quickly and fairly easily.

R21 in the walls upstairs

Installing black pipe

R38 in the ceiling

Sporting my new super short hair cut

4 bays done!

Bugs is so happy

We also hit a couple of salvage places this weekend to look for doors and clawfoot tubs. Didn't find any tubs that were appropriate, but we did find some doors. In fact, we're changing from pocket doors to modified barn door hangers to accommodate the ones we liked. And that brought about today's realization - the fun stuff is finally starting.

Up to now, it's been work. Digging dirt, pouring foundations, building walls, installing plumbing, all the necessary but not necessarily fun things that go into putting up a house. And though we still have work ahead (insulation and drywall to be exact), the enjoyable things - finding salvage or decorative details and fitting them into our new home - are finally right around the corner. That is why you build your own place. So that you can make decisions on incorporating fun or meaningful items right from the get-go. Oh yeah baby, it's on!

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