Monday, May 20, 2019

Country Living

Ah, the country. So peaceful. So beautiful. So full of $@&%! mice.

Our truck, which sits in the car port all winter, suddenly had a musty smell when we turned on the vent fan. Keep in mind that we've been using the truck all winter and it was fine. 

Trying to get to the vents is a nightmare of bolts, tight spaces, and removing the entire glovebox. At least we didn't have to pull the whole dash.
Tight fit
Once it was fully disassembled Chris pulled the fan housing and exposed the guts. Guts that were chock full of shredded paper and fabric. Oh, and two fresh mouse carcasses.
I'll spare you the disgusting bits
Now it's all cleaned out and put back together and, most importantly, doesn't stink.

But I much prefer this version of country life:
Happy chickens
See that one Buff chicken in the background? The one that looks like a feather-mop? Yeah, that one. She's not dead. Just dust bathing. Still startled me when I walked up there though.

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