Friday, March 2, 2018

The Bunny Backpack

My Great-niece's birthday is in March and it was time to figure out what to give her. Last year I made doll clothes both for her Christmas gift and her birthday gift. Apparently I didn't do a post on the birthday clothes but I found a couple of photos.

Hat and coat
Party dress
Apparently Baby Hannah (the doll, not my GN) loved them and wears them often.

With that positive feedback, that was the plan for this year too. Doll clothes. So off to Pinterest I went to get some ideas. And instead I found an adorable bunny drawstring backpack. No tutorial and not even a good link, so just one picture. It was enough to give me inspiration to create my own version.

I used gray flannel for the outside and a gingham pink flannel for the interior lining.

Figuring out size
How big should the feet be? 
Adding pads - cut from knit and hand-sewn with a blanket stitch 
Feet? check. Tail? check. Time to sew the sides. 
Oh wait! Ears? check.
Cutting grommet holes
Banging in the grommet
The finished bunny bag
I had entirely too much fun making this.

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