Monday, February 26, 2018

Another bathroom update

We finished grouting the floor with the charcoal colored grout. This makes a huge mess when you do it, but boy, is it worth it as it really makes the penny tiles pop. And we love how the tile rug came out.
Grouting in action.
Once the grout was dry and we'd sealed both the shower and the floor, we re-installed the toilet and got to work figuring out the vanity and sink situation. As suspected the sink that we owned (a reclaimed wall-mount sink that we got for free during a demolition) wasn't going to work with the cabinet that we also already owned (an old country sideboard that I'd gotten from my Mom ages ago). Since I really wanted to use the sideboard as the vanity we went ahead and bought a new sink. Sometimes shopping the house works, sometimes it needs a little help,  you know?

Chris is going to have to rebuild the sideboard as it's in really bad shape. In fact, it's kinda falling apart in a disturbingly well nailed way. But we should be able to keep the cool old paint and won't have to adjust the height. Drawers will end up being trimmed to accommodate plumbing pipes, but that should be fairly straight-forward (says the person who doesn't have to do it).
The sideboard - and a look at the grouted floor 
Let the deconstruction begin!
So he's going to be working on that and I'll be looking at towel hooks, trim molding, and that kind of stuff. This turned out to a be a perfect winter project.

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