Monday, April 17, 2017

It's the little things...utensil organization

I love having an organized kitchen. In fact, that was one of the driving considerations in our kitchen design - how do you set it up so that stuff actually fits well and isn't all jumbled together? I think we've done a pretty good job of it and once the kitchen is finished I'll do a post on what's in all drawers, but for now, here is my silverware drawer. Organized? Yes. Maximized? No.

Definitely some problems: it's hard to reach the items stored way in the back; there is wasted space in the white trays; and the trays get dirty and do not look clean, not even after bleach. Little things. Annoying things.
Hate those white trays
Chris to the rescue! Store-bought wood trays are great but they come in limited sizes and configurations. So I told Chris what I wanted and he cut some strips and voile! Problems solved!  The pine strips are sanded smooth and tabbed to fit snugly together. This is a test run so we've taped them for now and if I like the set up we'll pin and glue them together later.
Much better
I like that I didn't have to do the entire drawer. The bulk stuff is contained yet there is plenty of room and easy access to the items that don't need corralling. Nice!

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