Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Adding screen doors

Our house is very open to the outdoors. In fact, most of the summer the front doors are wide open - which means bugs fly in and drive me nuts. 

Usually the other door is open too (and I'm going to get
cushions on that barber chair soon - honest)
So I decided this year I wanted to add screen doors. But we needed to make sure the dog and cat could still come and go freely. They love being able to wander in and out at will (and I love that we live so far back in the woods that we can let them).

A blank slate
I stained the doors red and Chris cut and framed a dog door into one of them. Then I sewed a little flap so we wouldn't have a gaping hole in our new screen.

Ta da!
Inside looking out
The wee flap
It's working beautifully. The cat and dog took about 10 seconds to figure out the flap and now we get great air flow with minimal bug incursion. Wonderful! The only down side is the cat gets mad when we close the solid doors at night. She figures that flap should work through both layers.

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