Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm being thwarted

I keep trying to work on projects and I keep getting thwarted. My linen pinnie? Get it all cut out (have you ever cut linen? It's weird and you have to pull a thread out in order to create a cutting channel so it'll be straight) and realize I don't have the right color thread. That's okay, I'll make some pajama pants instead. Oops, turns out I don't have quite enough fabric in my stash. How about the guitar neck/string covers that Chris has been requesting? Sure! Got into the project and realized that I needed quilt batting to add structure. Huh, don't have any. Thwarted again! Okay, regroup, relax. Try something completely different. Go to pool league and lose the match. Argh! I've decided to sit down and read a book - hopefully it'll have all its pages.

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