Friday, September 26, 2014

Adjusting the living room windows

Our living room windows weren't quite the right height. We have 9 foot ceilings and the standard height windows we installed were a bit too high off the floor. Basically, when you sat down you couldn't see outside. 

View-blocking windows
We probably would have just lived with this but my Dad decided to build a small addition onto his house and he needed a couple of windows. So instead of buying brand new ones - he bought ours for half price! Woot! And we applied that to new, taller windows.

Demolition on a brand new house. Sigh.
 Here is a good comparison photo - the new window is over a foot taller.
Chris and Cooper providing scale
 And here are the wonderful new windows fully installed. Much better!
I can see!
The planets really aligned for this one. We never would have shelled out the bucks for different windows if Dad hadn't been doing his place; we probably wouldn't have done it if the interior trim work had been finished; and we certainly wouldn't have done the demolition if the siding had been in place already. But I'm so very glad we did.

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