Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Chris has always wanted to do agility with one of our dogs. Unfortunately we've never had dogs that were suited to it - too timid, too this, too that.

But Cooper seems taylor made for it. They've been taking classes for several weeks and both are having a blast. But there is always one obstacle that she struggles with and that's the weave poles.

So Chris decided to set up a set at home. PVC pipe and fittings are assembled to create the dreaded obstacle.

Creating the weave

Nervously watching the weave be created
I volunteered to photograph the inaugural run.

And begin!
She's going through. But she's not exactly sure about the whole thing.
Weave! Weave! Weave!
 The return trip was a bit better, but still not thrilled.

Treats and verbal encouragement get her through but there is still work to be done. 

Really? Again?!?

Fortunately she loves all the other obstacles. Tunnel? Bring it on. Jumps and hoops? No problem. Table and teeter totter? Who says small dogs are chicken? Not us!


  1. oh, so sweet. What a great start! There is a couple a few miles from us that have a big agility course on their property for their dogs. It's just amazing to watch.

    1. That's actually where Chris and Cooper go. They have a great facility and are really nice people.