Thursday, March 26, 2020


Another pattern from independent designer Twig and Tale—the Breeze shirt. I really like this designer; I’ve purchased multiple patterns from them and have had great success with their clear instructions and lovely styles. The Trailblazer vest I made last year is much loved. So much so that I made another one with old Army BDUs and a 1940s pressed blanket as the liner (I’ll get a post on that done soon). This was the first of a couple pairs of slippers. And I also made a variety of costume wings for my nieces and nephews (here are the first pair and I’ll have another post to come). Actually I’ve just realized that I’ve sewn so many of their patterns that I should just do a post of them all.

The Breeze shirt can be done as a long or short-sleeved tunic with optional features like a curved hem, side splits, or pockets. I chose to do the hip length with curved hem, long-sleeve.

Since I’d never sewn sleeves before I figured it would be a good idea to do a muslin. Fortunately it came out good enough to actually wear.

It’s cut from an antique linen tablecloth that had some damaged areas. I easily cut around those to have plenty of yardage. Once I decided that the size was correct, I moved on to my “real” fabric, some gorgeous handwoven from Guatemala. I was more than a little nervous about cutting into this stuff.
Deep breath... 
And cut!
 I’m very happy with the fit and have gained a lot more confidence in my sewing skills.

Close up
I have another swath of fabric from Guatemala in a pretty purple that I’ll be using for another of these tunics, but first Chris has requested one for himself. I’ve got some beautiful grey linen that I think will be just perfect.

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