Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday March 21, 2020 statistics

From The Times Union website:
Total coronavirus cases:
•  8,398 in New York, including 46 deaths
• 19,285 in the U.S., including 249 deaths
• More than 272,300 in the world and more than 11,300 deaths. More than 88,000 have recovered.
New Yorkers have now been ordered to stay at home. No going out except for groceries or medicine. Non-essential businesses are to close. No time frame was specified. 
We bought milk yesterday but will be staying home from now on. We’re lucky that we have our property to hike and dog-walk on with little risk of encountering other humans. And there is certainly plenty to keep us busy.
Temp this morning was 28 and wicked chilly with moisture in the air. Supposed to be sunny today so I’ll probably start cleaning up the greenhouse and getting ready to start seeds. Thank goodness I bought a bunch of my planned garden items early...I imagine there will be a run on “self-sufficient” supplies soon.

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