Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday March 31, 2020 statistics

From The Times Union website:

Total coronavirus cases:
• 67,384  in New York, including 1,342 deaths.
• 164,610 in the U.S., including 3,170 deaths.
• Worldwide: 787,631. Deaths: 37,840. Recovered: 166,276.
It’s been cold and rainy for the last 3 days. Temperatures in the greenhouse have been around 10 degrees warmer than outside temperatures but that’s not saying much. I plan to start my 8-week seeds on April 1st and to put some pea seeds in the ground. I’ll get my 6-week seeds going by end of week. I have high hopes but no experience with the greenhouse as this is our first season with it. Here’s fingers crossed that all this works and I don’t need to buy starts come May.
I’ve been working on Chris’s Breeze shirt and should have that finished today. Then I’m going to sew up some masks for home use. I’ve been wanting to sew some masks for use when cleaning out the chicken coop, gardening during allergy season (yeah, that’s pretty much the entire growing season), and mowing or working in the workshop. But I didn’t have a good pattern. Well, there sure are patterns out there now. And although we are staying home and therefore don’t need masks for off-property reasons, they will be handy around the homestead. My Dad even requested a couple. So I’ll get those done today too. I’ve got plenty of tightly woven cotton in my stash so I don’t need to buy anything. Always a bonus when taking on a project!
Otherwise today will be full of the usual—cooking (lasagna), critters, and projects (sewing, driveway maintenance, and moving the rain barrel). 

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