Friday, March 20, 2020

Shoe progress is slow but steady

We purchased an instructional DVD of Jason Hovatter’s for making Scandinavian Turn Shoes. Basically you construct the shoes inside out and then turn them to get a finished pair. Looked cool and the DVD wasn’t expensive, so we figured why not.

The DVD is really good production value and the instructions are clear. The only trouble we’ve had is with the tools. I’ve got a very basic set of leather working tools and, as with most “beginner” sets, they’re not very good. Jason gives alternative tools if you don’t happen to have something he recommends, but lacking good quality or even the specific tool slows things down quite a bit.

That’s not to say we’re not progressing, just doing it a bit more slowly than we’d like.

Skiving the edges with a crappy tool
Today was gorgeous out with a high of 60 and some decent sun in between the cloudbursts. We sat outside to do some of the whip-stitching. 

Enjoying the Bridge
George is so helpful
This one of my uppers with most of the whip-stitching done. I’m using a “wash out” bison hide with a dark brown cow hide for the soles.
The stitching is died deer lacing-strong yet stretchy 
Tomorrow we’ll sew the edges together to make a continuous upper, then move on to soling.

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