Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Figured it was a good time to come back

Been gone a while. No real reason, just not feeling a desire to put stuff out here. But now I want to document the craziness I’m seeing around me. Maybe years from now I’ll look back and say “no way that happened”.

I am, of course, talking about Covid-19 and the community response to it. In just over 1 week we all went from life as usual to stockpiling toilet paper?!? Kidding aside, on March 9 I went to BJ’s and Price Chopper to pick up corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and the usual weekly groceries. Everything was a typical shopping experience. Yesterday I went to buy flour, celery, and again, the usual weekly groceries and the store was picked clean. We wandered around just to marvel at it. The freezer cases were empty, TP gone, chips and snack foods decimated. Cleaning supplies wiped out too. The fresh fruit and veggie aisle had plenty though. We bought the few things on our list that were actually in stock but left without the majority of what we came for. Fortunately those items weren’t critical, just part of the normal buying rotation. We did go ahead and grab some fresh greens.

We’re not in any danger of starving. I’m willing to bet most of us have plenty of food in our pantries and freezers even if we’re not preppers. But the nonsensical nature of this astounds. Some may call me naive but I get to have my opinions and beliefs just like you do. And I believe this panic buying and hoarding is incredibly selfish behavior. Do you really need 50 frozen pizzas? Two shopping carts full of stuff? What happens next week when shelves are restocked? Will you buy 50 more?

We’re going to hunker down. Spend a couple weeks doing all the stuff we enjoy right here at home—make shoes, weave, throw a pot or ten. And enjoy the grilled tuna steak (from the freezer), rice (pantry), and steamed broccoli (from the fresh aisle) I cooked last night.

I hope you and yours are well and coping as best you can.

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