Friday, March 8, 2019

Sewing slippers

This is another Twig & Tale pattern. I bought several patterns at Christmas so you'll hopefully be seeing more finished work based on those. 

These are slipper boots and come in two options - short like these and tall (knee height). The pattern is quite straight forward and comes with access to videos that help make the steps clear. I hope the vest patterns I purchased are just as well written. 

Although they make suggestions for ways to upcycle materials (sweaters, jeans, etc) they recommended an easy to use fabric option for your first pair. Just to make sure you understand all the steps and don't add fabric-related complexity to the initial learning curve.

For the outers I chose some fleece that I had originally purchased for my Mom during her illness. We didn't get a chance to make anything out of it before she passed away so it came back to me when we were cleaning out the house. The inner fleece layer is leftover from a project that I had made with her while she was sick (a hat and scarf set). So both layers have a bit of special meaning to me. A nice way to start a project I think.
Pieces and parts
It was a fairly quick sew with minimal difficulty. 
I do want to make a padded insert for them. Right now they are just two layers - a wool insole and a leather sole.
I used some cute segmented yarn to crochet ties for the tie-backs and there is just enough give that I can stretch them over my heel when putting them on. This tension helps keep the soft boot in place when walking. The pattern recommended elastic but I like how this looks better.

I wore them like this for a while but ultimately folded that top edge over to create a lower profile. More slipper than boot actually. Very comfortable and I'm really looking forward to making some out of salvaged clothing. I've got some excellent thrifted woven wool jackets that will work perfectly.

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