Friday, March 1, 2019

Sewing projects

The cold weather has helped me focus on indoor projects. Specifically, sewing projects! 

I made some costume jewelry for my grand-niece but didn't want to just put it in boxes when I gave it to her. I decided some cute drawstring bags were in order. I used antique handkerchiefs to make the bags and they really came out nice.

In progress - bag #1
Just stitch up the corners, add ribbon to the channel formed, and close it up. The points poke out like a flower.
Bag #2 finished.
The small bed in the project room lets Chris keep me "company" while I'm creating.
The dog is buried in there somewhere too
I was actually making him a bag for his new yoga mat that day. We had a productive trip to Salvation Army to find some cargo pants that I could convert into a bag with ready-made pockets.
Adding the strap
It was a quick sew since all I had to do was remove a leg, stitch it tighter, sew in a bottom, and add a drawstring at the top.

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