Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Pottery Haul

Pottery class is over and we got quite a haul! We completed nearly 50 pieces in those six weeks and are really pleased with how it all turned out. We got teased a bit that we concentrated too much on functional stuff as opposed to art, but I like some function with my form. And since I'm not fond of dusting, anything that's not useful enough to get used regularly doesn't really fit my lifestyle. 

Anyway, here is most of it:

So many things!
Lids that serve as sipping cups (vessels still at studio)
Coffe cups and drink glasses for Chris's band mates
Whiskey dram glasses
Artist paintbrush set
Accidental stacking bowls
That are tiny. Love these things.
Mini pots
Another ring bowl
Chicken bowl for chicken eggs
The vessel
Cup and saucer
Spice or ring bowls
We've still got a few things at the studio that are waiting for bisquing, glazing, and final firing. Most of my pieces were very small - saki cups, whiskey cups, ring bowls, spice bowls, etc. Chris did coffee cups, cereal bowls, toothbrush and soap dishes, and even a fermenting crock (still at the studio). We loved getting back into this and now that the wheel is set up at home we'll be continuing to throw.


  1. What a beautiful haul! Well done. I too, resist clutter, but love to hold and use, beautiful things. A fermenting crock is a great idea. Please share pictures of the rest of your treasures when you get them home. Love the blue glaze.

    1. Thanks! We did the crock with a blue glaze as well. Tried something new though - will show pictures when they're fired. Stay tuned!