Monday, March 11, 2019

I bought a loom!

After my weaving class in January I started looking at various online sites for a loom to purchase. I wanted an 8-shaft floor loom. Preferred a Macomber simply because that's what I'd used in class and I had a sense of familiarity with it. 

It quickly became clear that although there were many, many 4-shaft looms out there on the used market, 8-shaft looms were more rare and much more expensive. I was searching multiple sites, multiple states, and willing to travel. Ultimately I found a woman selling a Bergman countermarch on Facebook Marketplace and we started a conversation on how to get this rather large and cumbersome piece of equipment/furniture from her home in southern Virginia to my place in northern New York. 

Fortunately, we discovered that her son lives in DC and so does our niece. She was willing to meet us! How cool is that??? We loaded up the dog and headed off on adventure.

Half an hour on the road and there was a weird noise under the truck. We pulled into a parking lot and Chris made like super-mechanic and got us going again.

This is not a good sign...
We made good time to DC and had a nice visit with Rachel and Bob (and Huck!).
They remembered each other
After a bit of back and forth as to the best place in downtown DC to make the exchange we ended up in front of the Federal Reserve Building. The reasoning? It's Saturday and would be quiet this time of week. The reality? Only one parking space available on the street. So we blocked the driveway into the Fed. Sure, makes sense to me.

Note the many signs warning not to stand or park...
It was freezing cold and windy but everyone was very good natured. Fortunately that included the DC patrolmen who stopped by to see what we were up to. And do you know - they asked if they could help lift the loom into the truck because it looked heavy? Incredibly friendly. Fortunately we didn't have to take them up on the offer.

I got a mini-demo of how the loom was tied up for transport then Bob and Chris put it up in the truck.

Explaining how it's tied together
They managed just fine
We wrapped it up well and made it home without any incidents.  Then it was time to get it set up!
Long drive home

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