Monday, March 4, 2019

Making Chris a pottery apron

Before starting our pottery class Chris asked me to make him an apron. He wanted something that would be comfortable to wear, provide protection from wet clay, and that would allow freedom of movement while at the wheel.

We did some on-line searches and found some great examples of pottery aprons that were split down the center. The best ones overlapped while standing, but separated when you sat at the wheel.

We went to our local fabric store and I had Chris pick out some fabric. I recommended a mid-weight denim or twill so that it would hang well and stand up to washing. I also recommended a light oatmeal color that would hide the clay well.

He went with black.

I didn't have a pattern so used an old apron that fit him well to trace out the top of the apron. Then I mocked up the overlaid leg pieces and started fitting them to him. 

The old "two pencils taped together" trick for seam allowance
It took a few fittings but eventually I had a shape and size that he liked.
So dapper
It stays closed when standing but when sitting with your knees spread (as you would at a pottery wheel), it separates enough to be comfortable but still provides protection for your pants.
Needs a wheel there, doesn't he?
And here you see what it looks like after a few weeks of use.
Really should have chosen the oatmeal color.

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