Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Miscellaneous Stuff

It's funny how much miscellaneous life goes on while you're doing big stuff. Chris is working on kitchen cabinetry, a pit greenhouse, and general house maintenance; I'm installing hardwood floors and keeping up with the usual housework and cooking. 

We're also managing to enjoy all the other stuff that happens along the way:

Sewing a woobie for my Great-Niece
Very picturesque plum jam
Surgery on the squash plants
Vine borer - the reason for the surgery
Enjoying the eclipse
Washington county fair
We go on old folks day - pulling trials, horses & antique tractors
One of the old tractors
Harvestor, not a horror movie prop
Much like my Dad's 
Freaky rooster
And his freaky hen
A good idea for a stream foot bridge

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