Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dying white stuff blue

Chris wanted to try to bleach art on a shirt. Do we did some internet searches, found a recipe for DIY bleach-pens, and made some up. When we used it on some old clothes however it didn't do a darn thing. Not sure if the bleach was old (can bleach get old?) or if the shirts were beautifully colorfast. So we figured, why not dye some shirts and then bleach them, right?

I picked up some RIT dye and we got to work.

Mixing the dye
Interesting tie-dye effects
I had a cute PJ set with embroidery on it that I wanted to do something interesting to. So I tied it up in an unusual pattern and got to dipping.
Come out really cool
All together we dyed 8 t-shirts and 1 PJ set. Lot of dying!
Lots to play with
Then we chose one of the shirts and tried our bleach art again.
Hmmm, I'm concerned...
It didn't work. I guess the bleach was no good anymore. And unfortunately the dying didn't work either. We must not have followed the directions carefully enough (although it sure seemed like we did) because everything ran together and just turned various semi-solid shades of blue. Argh. 

We're not giving up though. I went and got some red dye and we'll see if we can make some interesting and weird purple patterns. (In reading up on dying techniques I think where we went wrong was in not rinsing enough. It seemed like the water was clear but I'm guessing not).

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