Monday, October 9, 2017

Kitchen progress - the historical tour

Okay, so it's only 4 years, but it's our history so I'm sticking with the title. Chris has been diligently working on finishing my kitchen cabinetry and I'm going to do some posts on that soon. But I was looking through old pictures and realized that the kitchen has come a long way since we moved in. We've made many plans about layout, lived with improvements and additions, and changed those plans to accommodate how we really live and cook. It's been a true luxury having time and skills to make this kitchen our own.  

Move-in day, February 2013
March 2013 - gained a temporary sink
April 2013 - added chrome racks
August 2013 - added the tool chests (love those things) 
July 2014 - moved the butcher block for the 5th time
August 2015 - added window trim 
Oct 2016 - barrister bookcases for future use 
Back in November of 2016 we officially began building the cabinetry. January 2017 saw the install of the antique kitchen sink. And then the last months have been spent building the rest of the cabinetry, making many, many drawers, trying out various ways of attaching silverware as drawer handles (that'll be a post - most of the methods failed and I've finally found one that truly works), and setting up the kitchen in general. I've now got tons of storage space and a really nifty cleat system that I haven't figured out how to fully utilize yet. As I said - many posts to come. But it's been fun looking back on where we've been.

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