Friday, April 3, 2015

The continuing saga of My Room

I continue to refine My Room. I'm quite pleased with the loft bed and the storage I gained by raising it. I also like the location of the dresser and how the room flows around the tables.

But those plastic tables were never supposed to stay very long and I really wanted to get started on an island. I was just waiting until building the storage bases percolated up to the top of the project list. Then I had an idea (Pinterest is very dangerous) - use bedside tables along with my other file cabinet as the base. 

I looked at Craig's List but couldn't find anything I liked (and was willing to pay for), so we went down to our local Restore (Habitat for Humanity charity thrift store). They had some great nightstands and it was even 10% off Wednesday. Woot! 

Nice legs
They're actually made of wood as opposed to pressboard and they have a pullout writing shelf that I'm going to lower to get another shelf.
Dovetail drawer and pullout shelf
At first I just took out one of the plastic tables and used them like this. It sort of gave me an idea of how it felt to move around them.
The first setup
And sure enough, I didn't like it. The sides on the nightstands gave the island a bit too much solidity in the middle of the room. Although I still had plenty of walking aisle, it felt crowded. So I decided to forgo the island and have a peninsula instead.

This also meant I could use the top from my old desk instead of having to buy or build a new top. Shopping the house again - nice!
Better layout
I moved Sheila to the Northwest corner, shifted the sewing table closer to the dresser, and used my file cabinet to anchor the North end of the desk. The two nightstands support the South end.
Sheila looks good in her new spot
The top isn't level yet as I want to be sure I like this layout before doing anything more. If it works for me, Chris will connect the top pieces and I'll figure out how I want to paint the file cabinet and nightstands.


  1. I think it looks like a great layout.

    Sheila is gorgeous!

  2. Oh wait... I thought you meant the cabinet was named Sheila LOL