Saturday, January 17, 2015

Adding a raised bed to my room

Storage space is always at a premium in any room but it seems like it's particularly important in a space that serves multiple functions. As mentioned previously, my room wears many hats - craft space, sewing room, office, and pantry. 

It also has a twin bed for naps, reading cookbooks, or guests - whichever comes up at the moment. Unfortunately beds take up a lot of space and don't tend to offer multi-use functionality. Unless you lift them off the floor. Then a whole new world opens up.

I didn't want a dorm-style loft bed as that would just be too high for me to use easily. But something up high enough to store boxes underneath? Yes please!

Painting the sides

Mounting the support rails

The file cabinet set the height as it supports one corner

Four sides mounted

Everyone uses walnut as their bed slats, right?

Checking it out 
It took Chris several days to plane the boards smooth (we used some of our rough cut pine) and then I painted them. Everything else happened wicked quick and it's now functional. I have wooden moving dollies that the boxes sit on and I can slide them in and out as needed. Boring, seldom used stuff like tax and investment files are at the back; craft supplies and my fabric stash are easily grabbed at the front. I'm still figuring out the best way to get into the bed - I'm using a step ladder at the moment - but we're thinking some cool sliding bookshelf steps next to the armoire would be awesome. And I want to paint the filing cabinet something cute and fun; maybe a town house kind of thing. In the meantime, this setup works great and I love being able to use the space underneath.

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