Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Already moving things around

As I've mentioned many times, I like to live with something for a little while and tweak as needed. Sometimes it's a big tweak like tearing out windows that are only a year old, sometimes it's just a matter of moving the butcher block yet again.

With the bed raised and all the boxes neatly tucked underneath it, I had a chance to utilize my room a bit. Although the function was good, the aesthetics were not.

I wanted to build a desk at the foot of the bed for office work. Then my sewing table would reside under the window for the good light. The plastic tables in the middle will be replaced by an island with storage underneath. Sounds pretty good, right?

The desk was supposed to bridge the bed and second file cabinet
But over in the Northwest corner, things weren't working for me. This dresser was just too tall. It looked and felt wrong; crowded; visually jarring.
Great storage. Wrong place.
So we got to work and moved things around again (my poor husband; he's really great about this stuff). The dresser now sits at the foot of the bed; Sheila (my sewing dummy) is in the dead space between the dresser and the wall - easy to get to but out of the way when not needed; the sewing table   is next and still gets good light but is no longer centered under the window.
The boxes will be hidden behind a curtain (see first photo)
And the file cabinet moved down to anchor the Northwest wall.
Temporary - it's all still temporary
So now I'm living with it again and it's working better. For the most part. I now know that I want a long work table on that North wall to extend from the file cabinet to Sheila. I'll use that as a combination work area, office space, and sewing table. The filing cabinet will actually move underneath the island, opposite the other file cabinet (now I can paint them both like town houses and it'll look so cool - like they're across the street from each other). The red office chair will have to go; it just has too big a footprint for my limited floor space. I'm leaning toward a small rolling stool instead. Maybe an antique piano stool or lab stool would be cool. We'll have to see what I can find.

I also have plans for utilizing the blank wall space. Just need to get the floor plan finalized to make sure I have easy access to anything I wall mount.

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