Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring is here! Well, kinda...

It's Spring! It's 35 and is supposed to snow today! Wait, what? I'm sure all the fans at the Detroit Tigers game felt the same way last night. Not supposed to snow at a baseball game.

Anyway, we're doing the best we can with the weather we've got and we're working on Spring projects. Here we go:

Cleaning up all the dog mess that accumulates no matter how many poopy bags you carry with you on walks. Note that this also includes chewed boxes, miscellaneous toys that were buried in the snow, and assorted sticks that were dragged out of the woods.

Sprinkling grass seed in a perhaps futile attempt to control the mud pit that is our front yard. Need to bring in some fill to do the finish grading too.

Cleaning out the flower beds, noting that the garlic is starting to peek out of the ground, marveling over the fact that the oregano and sage both made it through the winter, and figuring out where to plant this year's stuff. The herb seeds that I started inside are poking up and I may get my first batch of cilantro quite soon. In fact, I doubt it will make it into a flower bed - it'll go straight into guacamole.

Starting to cut firewood. Yes, already.

Switching out the tractor's winter implements for the summer ones. Off come the chains and snow thrower, on goes the backhoe.

Road work - gotta consider getting a back blade attachment to grade the driveway. Oh, and it should be safe to order stone for the driveway in another month (gotta wait until the weight limits are removed from the roads).

Grading the yard and promising that this is the year we start the stone patio.

Repairing the planer so that we can start working on the interior woodwork again. The thing that broke before has been fixed, now he's working on replacing the blades. Two screws stripped and they are special ones that have to be ordered from the OEM. Soon...

I took advantage of a sunny and warm day to throw open the windows and stain them. So the windows in My Room are now ready for trim (as are all the rest of the windows in the house). I'll pick another sunny and warm day - it's gotta happen eventually, right? - to do the main entry door and the utility room dutch door. Even if it's low VOC, it still stinks in a confined space.

Okay, enough of the list. Here is Cooper proving that it's just not all that cold, no matter what I think.

Look! All the ice melted!
Just a little dip to prove I can do it.
For a mutt, she sure does love to swim. Must be some labrador way back in the genetic makeup. The upside is that all the toweling off she gets results in a super soft coat.

Hope you're enjoying your Spring!

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  1. Cooper is so cute! Brave to withstand the cold too :)